Sunday, 11 November 2012

What’s in a Name?

I wrote this last evening.Everyone in the house seemingly irritated with me.I,the gloomy maiden then proceeded to weep and think profound thoughts(all rubbish!Don't tell me I didn't tell you.).And this is what was produced at the end of that session...

I'm sitting by the window, watching life go on outside...the old bai off to work at yet another rich house, the pani-puri wala opposite my building setting up his shop.
Trying to think thoughts worthy of my blog's such luck.
Sifting through the solemn and sordid stuff floating in my mind trying to find the best to make it to my page. I'm too melancholy, nothing will do...I stare at the road again.
Triple seater scooters and hulky-bulky bikes with equally bulky riders all zooming away...far off in the distance I can see the crowded junction.
Pale wisps of cloud floating in it would feel to float away on one I wonder.
“EDI! IVIDE VA!” I hear someone in the house call me, derailing my train of thought, jerking me away from my daydreams, again and again and again incessantly like a baby whose diaper is full...and when I reach the source I hear the same disappointed tone of speech, the same you-know-I-don’t-believe-you stare.
My Siblings. To love and hate at the same time.
My Parents. Not very different,''You need to learn to knuckle down a bit young lady''. More name again...loud and harsh...repeatedly.
No wonder most people hate the sound of their own name by the time they've’s the one thing that belongs to me that other people use more...enraged parents. Powerful principals. Foolish friends. Silly siblings. Brutish bosses. Bad-tempered teachers.
How will I like my name when people use it so harshly, to lash out at me? To make me feel ashamed. And when there is something good to say they use pet names. Sugar. Honey. Darling.
What’s in a name - the most popular of all the name quotes...everything is in a name. The dust of the earth.The stars in the sky.
God calls everything by name. Dust. Stars. birds. You and me.
God. The one from whom I’ll hear my name, spoken with love and care and tenderness.
In dulcet tones, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean in a dictionary...I just like the sound of the word. Dulcet. Like velvet...wrapping itself around every syllable. a mother’s cuddle or a silk sheet on a mattress. name(you didn't think I'd tell you the real one did you?!). Spoken with love by the one who created love.

P.S. For anybody who missed my dynamic views template like me...I'm back!
      No more ageebogareeb templates...promise.:)
      They have a really bad effect on my pageviews...Ciao!


  1. It does feel times..after persistent fights with sit alone..weep..and indulge in our own thought processes..thinking about anything under the sun but quarrels..

  2.'re back d!!
    I'm discovering the joy of cussing aloud in my head when I'm angry...must say,it's great!

  3. I have tried that..but once I'm done, I feel pathetic..!

    1. Oh but you needn't!
      Using cuss words should feel great right...considering it helps you let off steam without hating anyone!


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