Saturday, 3 November 2012

How I Tried To Increase My Blog Readership And Other Stories

Today is the three-day birthday of my blog...and I'm finally on Google search!!
Which means my blog turns up in the very first page (not necessarily on top) if you google ‘the thinkeress blogger’!

I'm so happy that one of the things I set out to do has been accomplished! (I know. I'm crazy)
And as a gift, everybody gets these awesome links to go to!
2.       ROFL LOL ROFL LOL...(play in loop)
3.       Harry Potter parody!(You guys have got to read this!)
(The last is from an ancient eM blog)

I love the people who've been reading my blogs anonymously...even though the commenting rate is pitifully low, I do have quite a few page views which must count for something(I'm hoping it does after a lot of convincing myself that the people are not casual blog hoppers who don’t read) so thank you dears whoever you are!

However hard I try to delude myself into thinking that I'm a wonderful writer whose work will automatically be recognized (don’t we all) and appreciated, it’s finally 'Welcome to the real world baby’. So:

These are some of the things I've been doing to increase my blog readership:
1.       Changing my location, interests, favourite books and no avail but I ended up finding some cool bloggers in the process. Check them out.
2.       Tried altering my HTML code to include a title and tried adding a Meta tag...something I was suggested to do by Google Webmaster. Results: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. (Do not attempt to do that (read: mess with Meta could be ignored by Google altogether which is a very BAD thing.))
3.       Tried to change my blog's look. I read that the way your site looks is important too(First impression=Best impression after all).So started another browsing session for Blogger templates...found something I like(this one)and had another long research session on how to put it on(what’s the geek term for it again?...forgot.),and when I did, it turned out be completely pakav (you need code to change anything in it, no easy-peasy menus).So stick to your Google templates and try altering it little by little. Shabby blogs is good for that stuff (credit to Bumtrinket for the discovery).
Note: Blog-designing, HTML-writing smarties might beg to differ on this point and you might be right. I absolutely detest writing code, at least when I'm writing for relaxation and there’s enough coding done at/in college.
4.       Bombarding Google Search with my blog first, you’d get my blog only if you typed in the URL, which was totally depressing.
That over, I now have to find some way to overcome the stupid copper company’s website that made a Thinkeress statue(and it is nude). Really now.

Other things I'm doing which will probably work but require a lot of patience:
1.       Blog surfing, reading other blogs and commenting hoping someone will notice me. To all you dearies who have come here after reading a comment: You needn't feel cheated. I read your blogs and comment because I really and truly love them and would have read you even if didn't have a Blogger account (but then I wouldn't have discovered you!)
2.       Saying 'Please comment’ after posts:
I tried that but on a regular basis? Nah. I'm excessively egoistic about my only talent and saying ‘Please comment’ will only make me sound grovelly and somewhat degrades the quality of one’s writing, don’t you think?
And saying please to make someone read my writing only seems to make my writing sound like it’s torturous and that I only want comments because they’re some sort of marking system of social acceptance and there’s plenty of that at college and was there at school (and at Facebook which has spawned conversations like these:
 “How many friends do you have?”
“Nah, only a few...around a 1000.”
Unbelievable. And no, I'm not on a single social networking site myself. Honest. And I'm still alive.)

Things I'm contemplating doing:
1.       Add a couple more buttons for easy follow-ship and things (dynamic views is a big pain in the behind when adding stuff to your page.)
2.       Join Google Friendconnect. Since that’s what I found common among all the popular blogs out there.
But I do have an FB like box for my posts...and a Google+ button too.So I'm counting that to be enough. For now. Until the you’re-an-unnoticed-loser-and-going-to-remain-that-way thoughts start again(self esteem issues).I have to brace myself against those or else I’ll end up joining Twitter just to have a Twitter Feed box on my blog(which is not a good thing in itself and would cause a ruckus at home which is a long story. To summarize: Social-networking-is-s**t believing parents and paranoid papa. And college seminars on how it reduces your job chances. And awful college crowd, (the 'are c****a yaha a re' kind.and I so wouldn't want all that on my wall.)

Somehow, this innocent blog party entry has turned into a why-I'm-against social networking blog...time to tune out!
And I'm curious about what you would've done about the pathetically low-readership-situation too (not saying my current readers aren't great of diplomatically kiss-ass I've become)

So, (To the tune of Cheri Cheri Lady)
Tell me tell me baby
What you’d do in my place
Listen to emotion
Or listen to your pa!
(Who is btw telling me to stop blogging too. Humph)

(Yes, I'm a big girl who still watches Barbie and Disney!)


  1. you know, the comment thing worked....
    i came from the confessions blog. dun remember which post..
    just wish i had your dedication... myself having been reduced to just a "reader of things" for a long long time now...
    read some of your posts... they are very nice, very good, something adorably honest about em, exquisite, wonderful.
    will be back for the rest... cause i am fan now... *bows*

    1. Thank you so much Monsieur...
      Your comment has managed to give my flagging spirits a boost!

  2. I just sort of re-started my blog and I totally get what a pain in the ass it is to try and increase one's viewership. More so if you wish to remain anonymous....booohoooo :(

    1. Yeah it can be a pain in the ass...but 'do good and good will come to you' holds true here.
      Tip: Connect your Blogger profile to your Google FriendConnect and comments so people can easily get back to you.:)

  3. Haha, hi Talitha!
    You totally reflect my thought process, except that you're a million billion gazillion times more articulate and funnier than me.

    Also, you're beautiful. :O

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!
      I'd blush if I could.
      And don't underestimate yourself,I've seen what you can do!:)


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