Thursday, 14 February 2013

Welcome to the 1st Occasional Blog Awards!

It’s that time of the year when Love is (supposedly) in the air folks!
Although I don’t see any cute, naked, Greek babies floating anywhere in my vicinity and no part of my cerebrum has turned to gooey mush or anything, this year I do have something to be especially happy about and say I love you to.
I just got Liebstered!

And twice at that!

And this is what I'm supposedly supposed to do:
1.     Give 10 random facts about myself.
2.     Answer the questions given to me by my wonderful nominators.
3.     Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4.     Write 11 questions for them to answer.

The lovely Momina and The Unicorn Lady have both tagged me for my very first shiny badge....of bloggy honour and pride and shtuff.

That's for you girls!

And a leetle controversy too.
Blog awards are nice and all but just passing them on kinda makes them like some mass forward SMS...If you’re in the right circles you get one and if you’re not, I'm sorry...*sad no*...which doesn't seem very fair.
But as long as we take them not as indicators of skill or anything and just as a fun way to ask crazy questions and get away with it....and an excuse to delay a post!

A Reaction GIF For Everything Halloween

First, the random facts:
  1. I successfully predicted the headlines for the day Michael Jackson died.
  2. I'm very obvious.And I tend to exaggerate.
  3. It's raining for the very first time this year as I type this!
  4. I palm-sweat. A lot.
  5. I read in the shower.Sometimes.
  6. Barf-fact: I saw a dead rat with its innards lying on the road today.
  7. If I could pick a celebrity to turn into it'd be Jennifer Lopez(when I'm on an I'm-FAAAT streak only).
  8. I can’t remember what I look like at times.
  9. I think I’ll make a terrible wife.Or employee.Or anyone who can be called a responsible adult really.
  10. I'm prone to unexplainable stupidity.

    Second, the Questions. Instead of the usual 11,I have 22 questions...noffair!

    Momina's set: 

    1. Who is the last person you usually think about before going to sleep?
    *Narcissistic smirk* That'd be myself. Saying sorry to God for all the dumb things I did that day. Or sometimes it's about whom I've been reading.

    2. Something you do alone, but wouldn't do in front of others.
    Dance. Like this:
    A Reaction GIF For Everything Halloween
    Oh yes.

    3. Do you have any strange phobias?
    Not especially. I hate touching garbage bins. No, not even to change the bag.

    4. One Favourite Novel that you'd like to recommend people to read and why.
    The hard one! It keeps changing.
    Currently, I'm all Gillian Flynn. And Jenny Lawson. Because they're brilliant.
    Oh yes, C.S. Lewis...all time favourite. And Roald Dahl too.

    5. Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? :P
    Nope. I’d take the stationery though!;)

    6. Do you use Post-Its?
    Nope. I collect them! All in pretty,different-coloured bunches.

    7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
    I'm in a contented-bubble right now, so I’d say where I am now .Otherwise it would be Bhutan. Or Africa. Or France.

    8. What inspires you?
    Walking. I just realised it, I get all my ideas when I'm walking some-place.
    And observing other people.

    9. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
    NEVER. I'm terrified of heights. I'm even sacred of going on a kid-sized slide.

    30 Funny Daily Life Reaction Gifs For When...
    Me at Water Kingdom!

    10. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
    Nope. I'm too busy observing the hippy guy across the road.

    11. Have you ever danced without music?
    I suppose I have waved my arms around remembering the strains of some song I remember.

    By The Unicorn Lady:

    1. If you could change your name, what would it be?
    Depends on whether I wanted to be a pirate or a Na'vi at that moment! But otherwise I like names that begin with a K or an A and have an L somewhere...stupid answer. Something like Keyla...or something. Naah.

    2. Name the one thing/person that you love above all things or people.

    A Reaction GIF For Everything Halloween

    3.What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'love'?


    4. Your favourite band.
    Keeps changing.I like old stuff. Indian Ocean, Bombay Vikings, Blue are some I'm remembering now.

    5. Who's your superhero?

    15 Gifs To Share With Your Friend That's Having A Rough Day
    This guy.He died trying.

    6. Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
    Lucky. Though I don’t believe in luck being what gets people anywhere.

    7. Describe yourself in three lines.
     I'm too many things all at once.And sometimes I'm naught. Either way I live!

    8. Something/Someone that changed your life.
     Growing up!

    9. Describe the love of your life. Even if he/she doesn't exist.
    I really like this quote from the Three Musketeers:
    The best thing about an imaginary opponent is that he is highly skilled, yet easily defeated.
    Kinda like that.
    Who am I kidding. I'm a Princess...I want Prince Charming. With a Mallu sense of humour.
    On a second note,maybe I don't.Not a Prince Charming.

    10. Why do you stare into emptiness, when you do?
    Because I'm thinking.Or writing a post about whoever is sitting opposite me!

    12. What are you made for?
    To edify.Though I wish I adhered to it more.

    The people I'm tagging:
    I've tried to do this nicely and it was difficult. Really difficult. I'd have liked to pick everyone in my reading list and I've tried picking those people who don't seem to have a Liebster as yet and whose blogs I immensely love!

    BrownGirlBloggin - ROFL ROFL crazy.Where being brown isn't a bad thing!
    DWei - Calls himself a Derp. So derpiness is a good thing!
    Ghadeer - Original.Crazy.Writer.Love!
    Ginger - Journalistic.Tongue-in-cheek funny.She reminds me why I love the Irish so!
    icyHighs - A vast vocabulary if well-used(with a shot of that sly humour) can lead to absolute infatuation with his blog! That's what I learnt. And he just released a book.About time I'd say.
    Laila N Mysis - She's got the fun-nest family I've seen on a blog. And I love how she thinks.And writes!
    Stutee - Repeat from before. Bold. Badass. Bindass!
    Tangled Tofu - I'm going to see her on my bookshelf  one day.I know.:)
    TayTay - Sensational.And she lives in South Africa.What more do ya need?!
    The Narcissist Narcissism is definitely good when it's this funny!
    Zeba - How could I not?!Her writing is something I'd back-up if there were an Internet apocalypse.

    Answer me!
    I think some of you don't do the whole blog-awards thingamajig.If so,you're allowed to answer in the comments.
    1. Sweatpants or jeans?
    2. Your reaction when you get caught in the rain without an umbrella.
    3. The phone's ringing, someone just rang the doorbell, the baby is crying and the tap is overflowing. In which order would you tackle these?
    4. Something you absolutely cannot bear and something you love in a person.
    5. Coolest job ever according to you?
    6. One thing on your bucket list.
    7. Pirates or ninjas? Why?
    8. Current ear-worm or stuck-in-my-head song.
    9. How many kids(if any) do you want to have?
    10.Is Pluto a planet according to you?
    11.What would you rather be doing now?

    Yeah and before I forget, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you celebrating it and if you're not… 

    That's for you Mark!
    Keep smiling!:)

    P.S. I just realised I haven't done anything about the badge that all of you I tagged are to get.
    Thing is: I don't know.
    Experienced bloggers...HALP!!!
    I don't plan to hang my award anywhere on my blog but for those of you who are, go select one from here.Have fun.
    And DISCLAIMER: All credit to Google.
    Yeah Google, I've linked you right there.No lawsuits kay.


    1. Congratulations, Keyla, Sry! I mean Talitha.

      And where do get all those pictures?
      - Totally Awesome.

      And reading in Shower? Hmm..!

      Btw Happy Valentines Day.
      But " *BROHOOF* ". :P

      Take Care. :)
      Keep Writing.

    2. You posted ponies?

      I love you.

      In a totally platonic way. As I can not love.

      Well anyway, congratulations on getting not one, but two awards. Yay!

    3. @ Ajay, Trade-secret mate!Though I'd suggest looking around Tumblr...with the right keywords!:)
      I wouldn't read too much into the reading-in-the-shower thing!
      And yeah, BROHOOF!!
      @ Mark, How could I NOT post them?!
      You were the first person I thought of when I got the gif!
      Maybe I should put in a dedication of sorts...there, all done!:)

    4. Oh my God, I loved reading this!
      Boy, you are really into GIFs. The skelton made me laugh for several minutes!
      I can relate to some of your answers!

      And Congratulations, of course.

    5. I'm seconding Momina.... OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SOOOOO FUNNY x)
      And awesome (:
      I could do a running commentary on all of this, rambling much nonsense, but I think I'll just settle for complimenting you on your secret dance moves... they eez snazzy, dude ^_^

    6. Heh, congrats on your award and thanks for giving one to me. :P

    7. hahaha I died laughing :D
      And congrats on the award!!

    8. Congratulations and thanks for the award!

    9. Whoa, congratulations and thanks for tagging me. I always suck at coming up with interesting answers to these things but here you go:

      1. I wear jeans to bed. In the shower. Probably my wedding. You get the gist.
      2. <3
      3. Baby , tap , door , phone.
      4. Hate disloyalty. Love PDA.
      5. Writer
      6. Writing/ directing my own movie.
      7. Ninjas. Pirates talk funny.
      8. The Franklys - Imaginarium
      9. A boy and a girl
      10. Sure, if Pluto thinks so who am I to argue?
      11. Honestly? I wish I was in bed with a loved one, watching a silly movie and generally lazing around.

    10. P.S. Oh my god, you're Mallu too?

    11. I share your fear of kid-slides.And my life will turn around if you teach me how to read in the shower! And "I can't remember how I look like" -I'm so impressed with this unique memory loss!

      To answer your questions:
      1. Jeans, always.
      2. I don't own an umbrella and on the very, very rare occasion that rain does visit where I live, we are too in awe to worry about getting wet.
      3. Close the overflowing tap, pick the baby up and go to answer the doorbell. Ignore the phonecall.
      4. I can't bear over-sensitive people. People with whom you have to think your words over a million times before letting them out.
      And I love deep thinkers, who don't live on the surface.
      5. Those lucky idiots whose job is to go around restaurants and hotels and write reviews on the food.
      6. Write a novel (don't we all?)
      7. Pirates. ^I have to disagree with icyHighs, they talk awesome!
      8. Ummm..."Will you hate me?"- by Dawud Wharnsby, if you've ever heard it.
      9. Three- A boy and then a pair of boy and girl twins.
      11. I think I like where I am at this moment.

      Thank you for the award! x

    12. @ Momina, I'm glad you did and its due to you anyway,another round of gratitude-filled thanks to ya!:)
      @ Laila, They totally eez no?!
      But finding a dance-partner is the difficult part!!:)
      @ DWei, Thank you!
      You totally deserve it and I wanna see what you come up with for the questions!:)
      @ Aqsa, No you didn't,I can still hear you.Or maybe I've developed a heavenly hearing-ear or something.Either way I'm glad I heard you.:)
      And thank you!:)
      @ Ginger, You're welcome girl and I want those answers soon!:)
      @ icyHighs, No you don't suck at answering questions baba!I'm still laughing after going through them!
      And yes to your question.
      Mallu and Proud!
      Not necessarily always though.;)
      @ Ghadeer, The secret lies in the second sentence: Sometimes.The times when nobody needs to go after you so can hog shower-time!:)
      I should add 'and everybody else' to that sentence!
      I tend to lose everyone's faces along with mine when in one of those moods!
      Oh yes, Food critics!Lucky they are.And food tasters.One guy gets paid to eat french-fries. Never mind that he's the size of a truck but come on,Where do you get job placements for these?!
      I disagree with Icy too,Pirates are awesome,arrr!
      And you're welcome girl,you deserve every single bit!:)

    13. Talitha! Reading you remains a joyride! and everytime, you set the bar higher! :)

    14. Lol thank you Talitha after reading this, I have been ever so curious to know what a Mallu sense of humor is? :D

    15. So sorry for the late reply sweetheart but you know na all wasn't well at stu(art) hehe - you outdid yourself with this one sweets,, am glad that I ended up here - for the much needed dose of laughter-- thank u so much for tagging me here and even though there is no chance in hell that I may sound half as convincingly interesting as u- I will try..
      1) Jeans anyday babe- I reserve the sweatpants for very special occassions- such as sicknes and love sickness.
      2)Lol even if I have an umbrella I throw myself in the rain- this reminds me of a time when I was at school and it started to rain- I love having icecream in the rain- now the problem was that I had an umbrella but I did not have the money for an icecream- so I lent my umbrella to another kid for 5 bucks and went home soaking wet but with a mango dolly in hand.

      3)baby tap phone door
      4)arrogance I hate - Modesty I like.
      5)Writing and getting paid for the same.
      6)To be recognized as a writer
      9)A bunch of them (wish we were all sea horses then things would have been nicer for us girlies ;-)
      10)Nope Pluto is a dog- that as a child I wished I had
      11)Right now- I WANT TO GO OUT ON A SUPER HOT DATE- it's been a while :-(
      Thanks again for the tag n the super cool award- xoxoxo

    16. @ The Purple Assassin, As far as joyrides go, you better hold on to that bar tight!
      Horrible wannabe-pun or something I know but thanks so much!:)
      @ The Narcissist, Oh you should know!
      A lot of subtle wordplay with some double-meaning potential but nothing too vulgar(not always!) and definitely no slapstick, Bollywood, people-are-dumb jokes!
      There, you have it. The Concise Mallu Humour Dictionary by yours truly!:)
      @ Stu, I love you for those answers girl, I do! And you don't have to try to sound interesting, you ARE interesting!
      Sea Horses oh yes! Pretty cool to use in an argument no?!
      And may that hot-date-in-shining-Lamborghini be yours soon!:)

    17. Ahh! sorry for the late reply on this <3

      1. Sweatpants...always.
      2. Hmm, I'm not too sure if I'd have a note-worthy reaction. I'm almost always caught in the rain without an umbrella.
      3. Turn off the tap, pick up the baby with one arm, hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder (and hope that it doesn't slip out) and open the door with a look that screams "now isn't the best time. can you come back later?"
      4. Cannot bear: clingy-ness. Absolutely love: a sense of humor.
      5. Wedding planning. Obviously its stressful, but its a fun kind of stress :D ...if stress could be considered fun...
      6. Travel the world!!!
      7. Ninjas..because I am one.
      8. "I Knew You Were Trouble" -Taylor Swift...dndakndasjnda she's so obnoxious and I dislike her, but her songs are so catchy -_-
      9. 1 child. Specifically a girl.
      10. Yes...only because I grew up being taught Pluto was a planet. Finding out that it isn't one and your childhood has been a lie?! "Ain't nobody got time fo dat."
      11. Getting a back massage..I'm in dire need of one.

      1. You replied at least and I'm glad!<3
        Taylor Swift songs are ear-worm champions!
        And I got bronchitis...of a kind when I learnt about Pluto!;)

    18. Hahahaha, oh my god. I love you so much. No, like seriously. I have this big creepy girl crush on you.
      And thank you so much for being so awesome. And nominating me for your award. I'm really not even such a persistent blogger, so this means SO MUCH to me. :')

      *Cries like how Halle Berry did while receiving her first Oscar award*

      1. *using cocktail umbrella to keep myself dry*
        The creepy girl crush is absolutely mutual so worry not fair maiden!
        And we might have to do something about the not-being-persistent part though I think I've won myself a place in the occasional-bloggers club myself!
        *Googling Halle Berry*
        I think I'll need more than one cocktail umbrella.And some tissue paper.

    19. Fine, I'll bite the bullet and answer this :) it's too tempting, being new to your blog and all!
      1. Jeans.
      2. Go ghetto with a handkerchief over my head.
      3. Give the phone to the baby, close the tap and answer the door.
      4. Cannot bear: manipulation by emotion and usage of big words just cause they can, love a rational attitude with a sense of humor.
      5. Session guitarist.
      6. Make an action comedy short film, AND guitar effects...the costly 200$ a piece ones...I'd explain them, but I don't wanna alienate anyone from me :P
      7. Ninjas. They're much cleaner.
      8. ZZ Top - La Grange!
      9. I'd rather think that up much much later...
      10. No, Pluto is a dog.
      11. Write a blog post, but I just did one, and now I have to wait till I get more people seeing it :( my unwritten rules of blogging O.o

      1. No worries about the temptation,we're all human.Except maybe me.And I'm only glad you answered!
        You have a point about ninjas being clean...hmmm.
        Nope. I'm still a pirate!
        And you wouldn't alienate anyone.Not on a blog!:)

    20. Hey,
      I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded "Creative Blogger Award".

      The Shaded Shadows™!!!
      (Please follow this link for more details.)

      Take Care and Keep Writing.
      Cheers. :D

      - Ajay Kontham

      1. I'll get down to it as soon as I can. Which isn't very soon.But you'll see!:)

    21. Thalitha, yours questions and answers were the most hilarious, I have ever read so far....

    22. Ohmygod I thought tumblr was the only blogging site that allowed gifs?? Guess I was wrong.

      Your answers killed me omg you're gold.

    23. @ Shalet, Thank you so much!
      P.S. One of my childhood friends was named Shalet,don't know why I feel the need to reveal that but I do!:)
      @ PeaceLoveandSharpies, Thank goodness Blogger does or I don't know what I'd be posting!;)
      *sparkling right at ya*
      Thanks girl!:)

    24. Ohmigaaad thank you thank you thank youuuuu :D
      Sorry I didn't say thanks sooner :/ haven't had a chance to go online in a while. But you made my day!

      Would you mind following my other blog? Its pretty new but I have big plans for it :P
      Thanks again!

    25. Oh sorry I forgot you might not know who I am :P It's TayTay :P *embarrassed*

      1. Nah...used to your million commenting-accounts now...and TayTay isn't all that common a name.:)
        I wanna see the answers soon though and I'd only be glad to have a look at the blog.:)

    26. I answer the first one, Im a jeans person all the way and die for Levis. Wow! Reading in the bathroom..ill try it sounds crazy.


    27. Congrats on the award! :D
      And I hate garbage bins too. And garbage juice EWWW.
      Cool blog,btw. Following you now! :D

      1. Why thank you!
        And yeah,gaarbaage,deesgussting...same pinch?!;)

    28. Oh my god, I am on the list! I just saw this! And so old too. Sigh. Such nice things to say, you make my day. :-)

      Much love, as always.

      1. Better late than never right?!

    29. What's with the super-long blogging break? Give us something now!

      1. As you wish madame!
        One post coming up in a day or two.


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