The Thought(a.k.a. About)

    Hi there!
    Welcome to my blog...

    About the person:
    My name: Talitha means maiden in Aramaic and is a nice pseudonym too.
    Me? I'm...a Female Homo Sapiens,Believer,voracious Bookworm, Alliteration lover, Young at Heart, Middle-aged in Views, Kindred Spirit, Wannabe Pianist, Nature nut, boring Burden sometimes, an avid Grammarian(though my grammar is peanuts!), lover of all things English, French and African and a lazy Lump!
    Also, I have low self-esteem problems occasionally and need a shot of praise, so do forgive any blatant self-promotion or compliments-to-myself posts you see...
    Also any typos, slang, spelling mistakes or any of the million things that tend to mess a blog up are to be ignored!

    About the name of the blog:
    A thought.
    A powerful force...enough to have led to the creation of the earth, enough to have lead to us being born, enough to have landed people behind bars, enough to have lead mankind to the moon, enough to have taken lowly poverty-stricken men to dizzying heights of glory, enough to have led to the massacre of millions.
    And a single thought has led to the making of this blog. Well, not exactly one maybe...I had to think for some time, (Read: A lot of time), to find a nice title, content and stuff but it’s finally taken shape in the form of this blog.
    I also credit RodinThe Thinker to being the key behind the name but the concept is copyrightedly mine!

    About the beginning of this blog:
    Sparing you my life history, Ill fast forward to the time when I read eMs blog...I totally loved it and decided I would make my own too...I kept writing offline(Microsoft  OneNote is fantastic if you want to keep a digital journal) and finally everything fell into place today(I'm talking 31/10/2012).

    Since I caught this blogging bug from eM(check out the Blog List tab,you'll find it somewhere on the Home-page) after reading her blog, my blog does have a lot of influences from hers especially in the tone of writing but you needn't worry, this blog will be Me…Pure & Unadulterated (except in some places with fashion advice and such which I totally suck at anyway)!
    Each will be on a different subject (I’ll try to make it that way) and might have links too which will be fun as well...
    So instead of boring you too much think we’d better start.

    If you need to contact me,want to offer me a cushy job with a good salary and nothing to actually do or just need someone to talk to,email me here.
    I'd love to hear from you(and learn where all the traffic on my blog is coming from!)

    And yes,thanks for having taken the time to know about the blog and do proceed to the real thing!

    P.S. This blog is under a pseudonym and is a relatively disguised operation for now, I havent reached that point in time where I start sending my blogs URL to my friends, but if you do know me...forgive the references to you!


  1. Hi! I really like your blog!! It seems like we blog on a couple of the same pages. The blogging sphere is smaller than I imagined. I definitely agree with the idea that everything starts with a thought and that thinking is one of the most powerful things out there.
    I started blogging with some of the same reasons you had. I don't have a pen name but I still haven't given my blog out to many of my friends either. I always feel a little worried every time I think about blogging about someone that I know. :)
    Welp, check my blog out?

    1. Stuff like that kinda falls into place over time...and you never can predict how people will respond to your writing.I myself have been surprised at the support I get...well,occasionally. At least when there's some assignment to be written or essay to be submitted!;)
      And thank you Y.Ahn!:)

  2. You have one of the best themes for your blog. It looks so lively and the first impression it had on me was as if I was going to stumble onto some really happy stuff. However, it turned out even better; I always appreciate people who think about their lives and reflect on them and post stuff on their blogs not just for the sake of attention or amassing some sort of virtual popularity but to actually get their point across. Your persistence with offline writing indicated all of this.

    Hoping to read more of your good stuff in the future. Good Luck!

    1. Well your comment made me happy...definitely!
      I'm a person whom people usually don't(read:Never) compliment for her artistic sense but the-Internet-is-a-crazy-place stands true here.:)
      I really appreciate the time you took to write this out and hopefully I'll see you around here more often!
      Thanks and Cheerio!:)

  3. Love the blog :D the gifs and all :P btw the narcissist directed me here, and I now follow you :)

    1. CJ like in GTA San Andreas??!
      Thanks either way mate!:)

    2. Sadly nope :P I was born CJ :P

  4. Hi! Love your blog! The template's amazing and so are the writings!!
    You seem like an interesting person, would want to know you more :)
    Following you now :)

  5. Well what can I say... you kinda almost redirected me towards starting my blog(you know what i'm talking about :P )
    Now be a good friend and help me get some readers :D :P

    1. That I do *wink*

      And I shall.When I actually have something worth letting people read.
      Hang in there yo!

  6. Wow! Lovely blog! Love the design and name. Look forward to reading more.
    Gracie from


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