Alright folks,
This is not a blog-essay, instead this is a growing compilation of certain random thoughts and ideas which I find interesting, sometimes humorous and possibly quirky.
You could call them my one-liners or quotes by yours truly!
Hope you'll like them!

Funny actually, the way we place our trust on the two flimsy screws holding our latches in place and then go to bed thinking we're completely insured against robbers.
However much we pay for that fancy-shmancy lock, in the end, its those two screws holding the latch in place...

Having an obese cat and thin children means bad cooking!

Terms I've invented(or possibly heard!):
Indian Negro(No offense meant whatsoever.)

When in doubt ask a sixth-grader.
Seriously, the whole conclusion of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore hinges on an idea the lead hero gets from a kid!
And its true, you really don’t need another my-childhood-was-better rant from me to understand...

She's like me, but I'm not like her.
Don’t know about you but this sentence sounds crazily contradictory to me!

Is it just me or does anybody out there feel that I'm a Barbie Girl (the Aqua song) is a little kinky??
(Check the lyrics out to see what I'm talking about!)

A Punny Statement:
Mosquitoes suck!


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