Friday, 9 November 2012

Three Things I'm loving!

I'm watching Peter Pan (the 2003 version) and I can’t believe how gorgeous Jeremy Sumpter is. Rachel Hurd-Wood is the luckiest girl ever!
He’s, like, the ultimate childhood love, oh that roguish cheeky smile, those long eyelashes.I love love love him (I've recently started this repeating thrice habit, it’s totally chick-lit-pink-girly style but it does give things a 'She really does mean it from the bottom of her superficial frivolous pink girly heart' kind of feel...whatever that means!
Olivia Williams is so very  beautiful playing Mrs Darling...the perfect fairytale queen!
Heck, I even love Captain Hook played by Jason Isaacs who is Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter! He’s Mr Darling too!

Wit is very fashionable at the moment!
Better death than gossip!

Where do they get dialogues like these?!
You people really should watch the movie.

Another thing I'm going mad over is bananas and chocolate Dark Fantasy.
I first found out about this combination from a Mac Donald freebie book, they had this banana-chocolate-lollipop recipe:
You melt chocolate in a double boiler (a vessel in another vessel of boiling water) and coat the bananas with the chocolate...heavenly combo!
If melted chocolate isn't available...chocolate Horlicks or Bournvita will also do!
This is what comes written on the packet of dark fantasy and I solemnly identify with every last word!

Pure indulgence.

Alluring, dark and sinfully tempting, allow yourself to indulge in forbidden desires as you bite into the irresistible dark fantasy biscuits.Experience the dark savoury crust and slowly unfurl the pleasure of the soft dark chocolate cram made from the finest 'theobroma cacao-food of the gods.Enjoy the lingering pleasure and let the time stand still. Savour the irresistible.

I found one word to top the above: orgasmic!

And not to forget Amul Tricone!
I love love love this as’s cheap (22 Indian bucks) and so totally yummy...creamy malai coloured ice cream (it isn't the normal butterscotch you normally get, don’t know why they call it butterscotch...yummy anyway!) and a lovely thick block of chocolate at the end of the you can go easy on the pocket and pig out too!
 This has long replaced the family-pack-ice cream tradition we had...which means we have ice cream almost thrice every week and I have a rapidly growing tummy but oh the pleasure of tearing the paper off and licking it...yum yum yum!
Daddy likes the last part of the cone and would earlier book it beforehand, but we've become smart now!
 P.S. How’s the new look??


  1. i love love love it ;-) Thanks for the ice-cream tip,, will come in handy this festive season.. yum yum... Mouth already watering like a watering can lol

  2. Lol...go go eat. I'm on a diet(which probably will last till dinner-time!)

  3. I'm going to try that, being the craziest chocolate LOVing person I am..!!


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