Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sleeping Beauty's Terrace Tales

There really is something to be said about afto-evening know the ones that start from 5 pm and go on until 6.30 or 7 pm. The time when most people have their music blaring, and you wake up to Akon's We Dont Care or Beautiful.

When I see you
I run out of words to say (oh oh) 
I wouldn't leave you
'Cause you're that type of girl to make me stay (oh oh)
You're so beautiful
So damn beautiful
Said you're so beautiful
So damn beautiful

I got a little worried about my little brother yell-singing

(Oh, oh)
People are watching, but we don't care,
the way I am touching your body
 ‘Cause we don't care, see you droppin' and poppin

(You know the rest...!)
But I decided to let it go (For the time being as the poor guy doesn't know what hes singing.)

As for me, miss sleeping-beauty in my sweaty loose tee(it’s really hot here), I just stretched myself all luxuriously and acted my part, i.e., play-acted being the skinny blonde the guy is dying for!
(Un)S**y leg cross-uncross---check, saucy (more like ketchup-y!) eyebrow cocking---check, all-of-you-are-worms-expression---check...but it was fun!

It’s a bit disorienting actually; waking’re not sure whether you ought to go back to sleep or wake up so early!
Sometimes the sunset here is so pretty at this time...I go to my terrace to watch it.
My terrace - My window to Heaven!
Wait here’s a picture.
Stairway to the Sky!

My place of solitude, of introspection or just somewhere I get away from it all.
Away from the stuffy heat inside the house,
Away from boxed-in homes that don’t let in light, love, and openness and hold in all the darkness, sorrow, grudges and pettiness of the people inside and foster maliciousness and evil.

I come to this place to clear my head, walk around, stretch myself, do some wacky dance(which would probably make me die in embarrassment if anybody saw),listen to music and daydream and yes, to put the clothes out(marriage training ghar ka kaam...I like doing it so no matter)

You see so many things when you are apart from other people (i.e. with nobody to keep chattering to.)
Babies crawling neighbour baby girl and the baby boy from below are good friends. I remember this time when they both were at the crawling girl found a bit of confetti and baby boy wanted it too, so he bit her butt to try and get no avail!
They've both grown now but shes still pretty good thing about growing up or I shudder to think about what some people would do!

Committee meetings - My society is really big about these so we have an old men committee, old women committee,  gossipy-mothers committee and a teenage committee(all flirting and crushing hard amid the innocent sounding conversations!)

Then I can see the main road too...passing cars, buses and bikes all going to their various destinations, cool-boy and girl gangs hanging out and  eating chaat,roadside romances: exchanging numbers and painfully farewell-ing each other, the hipsters with the loose dhoti jeans and humongous headphones, little kids excited about the Rs. 10  they have!
Observing sometimes laughing along them....

Another thing is the sometimes have chicken biriyani or korma, sometimes fish, sometimes floral perfume when the girl downstairs is going out and sometimes cologne(Question: Why do guys prefer squirting the stuff when they’re at college?? At least the behaviourally retarded set at my college...they’ll squirt some really heavily scented stuff right in front of the girl’s row and parade by as though we’re all going to wrap ourselves around them...puh-lease...Axe ads do not work in reality (all this excluding the gentlemen who might know me from college and are reading this of course!)

And otherwise you have the not so enticing (not at all actually) smells of see we have the smell chimneys (don’t know what they're called) coming out from every toilet to the terrace. But so long as you’re not sniffing around in their vicinity or poking your nose in them (I know, I know...I'm gross), its fine!

That apart,
The society is planning to put asbestos sheets atop the terrace (in essence blocking sunrays to reduce the heat) but I've been praying for that not to only place of solace and comfort gone.

I get some of my best ideas when I'm here...My hidey-hole.
It can be scary if you look down but being the daredevil (LOL) I am, I got on the dish roof one day to get wet in the rain...another lovely experience. I wore a windcheater and had earphones blaring, getting soaked and feeling like you're queen of everything...exhilarating stuff!

But for now, about waking up.
Another beautiful wakeup call I had was to the theme of The Chronicles of Narnia. That was something more poignant(love this word!)...more heartbreaking...I felt like I was a princess going away.

Couldn't post this yesterday and in a different mood...
I'm Chasing the Sun now!


  1. My terrace building was equally awesome.. but taller buildings have come up in the surrounding area and those ppl keep staring. :|
    And that evening sleep - FTW!

    1. Hehe...People here stare too...but living in the tallest building in the area is an advantage here,never mind that I don't have any neighbour windows to peek into!

  2. Hahaha, I love your style of writing Talitha. :D
    Your perspective is so refreshing and matter so much fun to read. Sorry, I've been stalking a bit. :P

    1. And I love it!
      Mutual Stalking Club!

  3. i really loved your writing .... being honest this is the 2nd blog i am reading in my life.... so very new to this blogging world.... dont know how it works or what to do around here... But i think i m going to like it.... :-)... can i be your fan... :-)

    1. You needn't ask and 'fan' is not a word I like very much,it sounds too...servile.But thank you means a lot.:)
      And maybe you should take up's a really great way to express yourself and I hope I'll see you around soon!:)
      P.S. If you do see this...are you related to Risha by any chance??

    2. Even i think FRIEND is a better word.... :-)... I am starting to like the blogging world.... been reading some blogs lately and it is actually fun... its a totally new experience... reading about someone you don't even know and have never talked to...
      People in the so called REAL WORLD are not so real... the moment you say something people will start judging you... so everyone just wear a mask of someone who will be liked.... do what others expect us to do...dress up the way you are supposed to be dressed up... say what you are expected to say...
      but this is a place where you can pour your heart out and stop pretending....

      PS - I think risha is my chacha ke mama ke potte ki maasi ki nannad ki bhanji ki behan...... lol... just fooling with you... no idea.... :-)

    3. Yeah...but the pretending part could happen on one's blog too.You know...creating a virtual personality.
      And the Risha I was talking about is Risha Kalra.
      Her blog:


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