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The title might sound like the name of a box of mini sized chocolates (Mars, Bounty, Milky Way) which our NRI relatives get us, but this is a compilation of little things you notice about a person when you have lived with them for long (like when youre married!).So for lack of a better subject idea, Welcome to my world:

Trivials are the things that you notice people thinking about, or doing or saying or anything-ing if you've been running a surveillance on them for a year or so(The Case Of The Missing Servant) and theyre generally classified quirks(the more noticeable ones).
Like Shrek in Shrek Forever After to Fiona: "You sleep by candlelight; you scrunch your nose up when wishing..."
I cant list everything now, so Ill keep adding to this list as I remember the other ones!

1.  Cold water is something I absolutely love, especially when you get home tired and sweaty from the great outdoors. Its a lifesaver...truly the verse about giving a cup of cold water is very true!
2.  Clean feet and hands: For a person who is otherwise piggish, I have an allergy to dirty soles and palms. Maybe its the constant cream-ing(If you didn't know, I have extremely dry skin so I always have to moisturise myself(thats 24/7). Vaseline should hire me as their brand ambassador!)...I'm curiously cat-like in this matter.
3.  Superficial hubby qualities: I've wanted to write this down for a long time and a blog named Trivials was not what I had in mind but this might seem trivial to most people so here goes...
       I wanted my husband to be taller, a little darker or my shade in skin colour and more toned and muscled than me.
       Also, I want him to be educated...not in the customary sense of the world though even thats important, I mean knowledgeable and I want him to have plenty of bravery and common sense too,(My knight in shining armour!)
       Small list dont you think?!

4.  Flattering but not ground-worshipping works on me: One good way to get me is praise! I love a well meant compliment but the imitation style of flattery only irritates me.
5.  Succulent is kind of s**y: I do have a thing about words yet I dont know why, but this word is somewhat seductive (Eww, I totally hated saying that).
     Dont know why but I seem to find Anoop Menon of Beautiful attractive, its a good movie as well. (Yep...this girl has gone officially crazy and writing this down is only re-enforcing this! Maybe I ought to stop?)
6.  I like mixed colours, gypsy-style and black, white and grey combination patterns, but if I'm asked about favourite colours, I answer white and gold. (Take note everybody who is going to get me clothes!)
7.  Pull-Push glass doors confuse me: This is what I could actually call a triviality in this whole entry. Every time I see a glass door without (sometimes even with) a tag, I have to stand there a few seconds and consider whether to pull or push it to get in!
8.  Fancy dinners make me self-conscious: Throughout these pages, I've always claimed to be an Anglophile, yet...
      I think it would be the fear of unseen but educated, should-be-impressed and all-noticing persons seeing me make a faux pas in formal table manners so taking me out to dinner isn't really a very good way to patao-fy me unless you dont mind me being uncomfortable on the inside throughout the meal (some boorish males wouldn't I suppose...Please Note: I didn't take any names!)
9.  Love making Musical :Not very appropriate for me to say but it is a wish of mine to make love with music in the background(preferably Yanni)and none of those porky sounding grunts and groans,(as depicted in Bhatt movies and gal pals descriptions, no porn for me.),glorious!(and painful according to eM.)
10.Pen-pencils (That's what they are called here!): These pen-pencils were a rage when I was smaller and I love them! The way you can just push the old led under and see a brand-new sharpened led poke out...Sweet!
11.I don't eat oranges the normal way,instead I first delicately separate the segments and then open them up to get to the juice-filled bubbles inside.
       Citrus crazy!

Phrase watch: Method to madness
In a sentence: (Another Yanni tribute...the last one I promise!)
People didn't notice it until it was too late, but there was always method to the musical virtuoso's madness. (In this case, non-conformist music, hair, and white clothes...though all these have mostly disappeared now...sudhar gaya!)


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