Monday, 15 October 2012

Things I Can't Do (Now!)

Ok, I've been wanting to right this for sometime but whenever this idea popped into my head, it would diverge into other self-deprecatory thought-streams, but I managed to hold on this time and here we are!
(The list is kind of short now, I'll add things as I go on in life!)

1.    Tie a plait or a braid or a pigtail.(All mean the same thing!)
2.    Cook(Not even make tea. I mean I know how to theoretically but not practically so basically, I can't cook!).
3.    Drive a scooty, or car or any motorized vehicle actually. I get scared about the vehicle running away. And it's not that I've not tried. I did. Didn't work. Story in my diary.
4.    Stay on a diet and exercise regime. I have terrible willpower.
5.    WhistleGosh, foo foo is all that comes out.
6.    Enjoy in a water park(or any park. or party. or anywhere where humans tend to congregate and dance and let their hair down. Inherent Indian Introvert-ness (I coined that!)). I have a drowning phobia though I still manage pretty well by bobbing up and down throughout the length of the pool but throwing myself down a water slide(or any slide for that matter),NO WAY.
7.    Dance. I have two left feet and left hands too probably. I have like a jangly giraffe when I have to dance, feeling ungraceful and envious of other gracefully dancing humans on the floor eats me up inside and freeze my already frozen feet.
8.    Sing, in tune at least. I would have been good, were it not for my self-esteem(and financial) issues which stopped me at a young age.
9.    Study least in my studies during term time. During exams, my posterior (The antonym is anterior!) heats up enough to worry me and I study!(There, you have the secret of my success!)


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