Friday, 19 October 2012

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

I remember this comic strip in Archie where Archie is shown through the eyes of his family and friends: hes a baby for his mom, a Casanova in his dads eyes, knight-in-shining-armour for Betty, melted puddle to Veronica, himself (with a Jughead-ish nose) to Jughead and most importantly, after all this, he says only he himself sees himself as he is....a beefy hunk!
Har har.

Jok (ey) ing apart (hee hee), I actually feel empathy for Archie after the bathroom incident and Bub's comment ('Look I've got sweat stains just like you'. Wounded. Pride.).

When I look into a mirror (and I feel s**y), I see this buxom lass with a nut-brown face and creamy body...all smooth. The tummy, thighs, and upper arms (all the problem areas) could do with a little shaping. Otherwise, I'm physically fine to myself.

But if I'm in the throes of self-hatred, then God help. All my ranting about why I hate myself fat tummy, thighs and things, my excess melanin, pimples, moles, hair, sweatiness...never ending(thats when I envy these actresses).

I just love this phrase: Arms akimbo
Use in sentence: Mako stood under the coconut tree arms akimbo to catch the ripe coconut that was going to fall any minute on his landlords head to try to get off from paying that month's lease for saving his landlords life. This continued until his landlord noticed him standing in a 'saviour of the world' pose and caught him!
(I'm a literature major now! Emotionally Weird has been helpful in this matter showing me the dark underbelly of the world of literature and philosophy majors as opposed to the normal perceptions of their colleges being liberal and easy going. As for the book, its good, detailed and occasionally funny too and somewhat comic throughout. My only gripe is that its too stretched out; I wouldn't have been able to read the whole book a few years ago (even now I'm taking it in small doses).

But this is not what I wanted to say, I wanted to tell you about the strange case of the girl who play-acts before the bathroom mirror!
Does that sound funny enough? Or should I modify it??

Forget it. Yes, so Yannis Aria was on that day when I was in the bathroom and its the best possible music to pretend youre a Roman princess to, I tell you!
You should have seen me...eyebrow stylishly (and saucily) cocked, entreating my cruel father king Herod to release the foreign prisoners. My grief when he disagreed, my indignation at being refused and my pity for the imprisoned...
Then I boldly disguising myself to fight the king...and the hot foreign prisoner catching me escaping and then we spar with words and flirty expressions...
I got there and had to stop to have bath.
Think that funny? There are so many more....I once had Edward of Twilight fall in love with me...I mean Robert Pattinson(the guy looks good though I refuse to recognize the caricature they ,made of him(and everybody else) in that terrible excuse of a movie called Twilight)...the person not the vampire...even that play-act had a lot of I'm-flirting-with-you expressions and wordplay (mostly on the guy's my stories, I'm the hot and elegant ice-princess with the cheeky replies and nose in the air whom guys still want to date (Yep...what I'm so not in real life!!Stories ARE the antithesis of real life!))

But isn't it a scary and comforting thought at the same time that, whom we see in the mirror isn't how we actually look on the outside but who we want to be on the inside?
So all the times I've been happy about how I look were just delusions and all the times I was sad about it was just more illusion...anybody else feel cheated?

I've been spending these exam days exercising, Yanni-ing (glorious!) and having epiphanies (dont you just love that word!).All nice, but not very productive...

Funny, I found a makeshift mirror on the terrace today...had a good long look at me. Didn't like what I saw, I've lost any hint of s**y hips I had, and my butt is LOW.
I am an unsatisfied girl.
Got to go!

Review: I sound totally self-obsessed and superficial here...have to set another tone for future blogs. 
 And if anybody thought the less of me for endorsing Twilight(I'm talking about my adult, Twilight-is-trash readers here. If there are any Twilight lovers reading this, I mean no offence to you whatsoever because I was one among you too!) , rest your thudding hearts darlings, I'm so out of that phase and into the brand-new grown stage of adult-novel reading but I might have minor relapses when I want my stories to go faster and generally have a bit of good old fashioned laughter!
That rhymed
But its a nice topic for a blog!


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