Monday, 24 September 2012

Distinguish Between the Terms Bathroom, Washroom & Restroom

Bathroom - What the toilet plus bath area, at home or in any home, mostly is called.
For me the term bathroom conjures up an image of a bathtub and sweet smelling soap so it is justified in being called bathroom I feel.

Restroom - What the place mentioned above is called in malls, Mc Donalds, posh colleges or anywhere where there are hoity-toity, size-zero, elbow-bag-clutching people around...
This term I think is justified when it refers to the place where Mia took a break(In the eighth part of The Princess Diaries, after Michael broke THE news) & Not otherwise...I think I can justify calling it the dust and paint room in malls because thats what its used for!(Except all the dusting and painting is on bodies not on walls!)

Washroom - What the loo is called in college...That is the only place I've heard this term used so far other than camp.
The place is rather justified in being called washroom (Read: wounds & periods...dont eww me!)But the loo in college stinks so bad it should be called the piss, puke and poop room (Courtesy Aprils blog!)

O.k., thats it for my potty blog...I'm not a grand fan of toilet humour but I think I should write another monologue on it! (Idea from the YA! newspaper)
At the rate I'm writing, Ill probably end up having a dictionary sized book before my diploma ends, all on my ranting and ravings!
Cool huh...and to think I wasted so many years!
I'm going to have to edit out this paragraph when I organise this stuff...Too much of the old boring spirit in it...anyhoo, tata!

Idea for a new blog:
1. Difference between a plait and braid.
2. Why aren't feminists very feminine?


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