Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blog Versus Diary

I've been thinking of various beginnings to this entry though I should be continuing the previous one (My head feels a little scratchy (Not lice, chhi chhi!)...Oh I wish I had shampooed...dont feel like I've had a bath without having shampooed and everything. Anybody there like that??)

Now for the article. Id make two columns if I couldAnd whenever I say 'you' below, I'm talking to myself. So dear reader do bear with all the psycho-sounding talk and off we go!

Blog: Ill have an adoring audience and something to speak of if anyone asks what my 'Internet Presence' is, being a Software Engineer and all (Okay I accept that last part was plain bragging;
...and I'll remedy that by saying Im not even passionate about it. Happy?? ;
But that doesn't mean Im not interested in it. Ha-ha! Gotcha. )

Diary: Ill not be able to be myself...Internet Etiquette and Censorship and things and unless a girl writes about what she feels like, whats the point anyway?
Plus my ideas of Politeness and Censorship mean more than a normal person's would.(Which shouldnt be the case considering that Ive read and understand way more than they do and am more feminist and modern than most folks I know...Please note: Not bragging here...youd be surprised at the stupidity of people these days)

Blog: Itll make me feel Im writing for something and my writing quality will increase along with my self-esteem.

Diary: You feel obligated to the audience for the next blog, a diary is personal and you write for yourself...
Con here: You keep procrastinating (Im fascinated about this word's spelling, aren't you?)...and will have to wait for creative writing school to write again in a proper way.

Blog: Its a big step and youll have to wait for people to start reading it (Which might not happen at all, since all the readership has shifted to Facebook and Twitter and the lot of them...and youre no well established author a la eM (I'm remembering that part from Etiquette For Dummies, Unless youre a celeb or well established author, dont dress in casuals to the academy awards or anything similar!))

Diary: You can start when you want which you already have and needn't worry about readership and hits and all that(And generally behave in that stupid, shameless, blatant popularity-seeking way which even adults do(Read Facebook friends)...I'm sad to say(And while I'm being all high-and-holy, let me say this: Id probably be doing the same were it not for my dad-in-armour who saved me from the clutches of the Facebook beast by slaughtering all the possibilities of me ever having an Facebook account with the keep-the-family-name-high lectures(Smart daddy, highly ego boosting exercise so we keep ourselves in check like reverse psychology) and the no-net-at-home policy...))

So finally, who is going to win?

Taking into account all the previous raving we had I now announce that...
(I wanted this to be a court style ruling to please John Grisham but...never mind)

Both are winners!
{Yay...clap clap...}

Both because I'll be writing for myself...but with quality, always making things interesting for the reader and never being boring (Pretty impressive considering that this was the girl who in the past spent a lot of her time crying because Leslie called her pakav and generally thinking that she wasn't going to be liked by anyone in the world and would die a spinster...Ok, I do have scary déjà vus like that even now...)
And using a blog style in general.

Academy award-ishtlye Thank-you speech:

I would like to thank The Compulsive Confessor for being the biggest inspiration behind this bd (I.e., blogdiary)idea, totally indebted to all who are around me(Thats my parents, friends, loved ones)for being the ones who had and still have to bear the sweet pain(Heyy...thats the word used to describe s**) and headache of having me around and making me who I am, and The Lord(Lord, I dont know if this sounds super superficial but somewhere deep inside me theres this genuine feeling of knowing that you are everything and I might not be able to reflect your awesomeness here but I mean it, I really do) for being there!
{Cheer clap clap...cut to shots of people with tear filled eyes...enter babbling SugarInc. Anchor babbling away about my speech and how great my blog is}...sigh.


Thats how the entries are going to be...
Entertaining, introspective and funny. (With my typical brand of humour, to appreciate which youd have to be me! See, Im a funny girl no? )
Anyhoo then (Word courtesy eM)
Gotta fly! (Courtesy Barbie In A Fairy Secret!)
Add to Dictionary: eM stands for Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan of  Compulsive Confessions (it sounds great when you say it loud!)

In Retrospect:
This entry has too many parentheses (or too many parenthetical sentences (From the RD Thesaurus))..



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