Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ab Initio...

    Ab Initio means from the beginning btw (From the bearded man's Wren-and-Martin).
    Heres to new beginnings!
    Oh how I love new things...
    New books (The smell of new paper...mmm),
    New toiletries (Dry soaps especially...Am I the only one or does anyone else feel that dry soaps make you happy??(With a clean toilet, of course!)),
    New clothes (Need I say anything?),
    New friends (That excited feeling when you see them the second time!),
    New homes (Not when youre rudely plucked away, but when its a premeditated,yearned and earned-for kind of place.),
    New Years (I mean birthdays not drunk New Year parties.),
    New weddings...I mean wedding (Though other's weddings are pretty interesting too!).I'm not exactly looking forward to this one...though I am curious...of spite of the I'm not ever getting married rants (Tch tch youre just 17 gal)!

    I've decided I'm going to write from now...Whenever I feel like it and Not suppress myself any longer {Raise the flag...Dan Te Nan}

    Few things I'm going to keep in mind;
    1.     I will be genuine, i.e., I will write for myself and not for anyone else (That means I can gossip and rant about people but will put in a 'dear diary' heading for those entries)
    2.     I will not write for the heck of writing (That means no indebted or obligated or have-to-do as opposed to want-to-do feelings)...But I'm allowed to write to an imaginary audience though.
    3.     Not a rule but I will include any funny joke or incident which is write-and- read worthy...references to inspirations will be given.
    4.    And when I get the time I will honestly organize all my personal thoughts and data I've collected throughout the years in a proper go-through-able format.
    This reminds me: Push; push hard for a laptop and Wi-Fi annnd a leetle Google Nexus 7!
    5.    Piece of advice: Get words gal...Which means improve your vocabulary in a hip way!
    Word to check: Genuflect... (Means bend a knee btw)

    About Actions and Speeches-to-Self, they'll be in italics.
    About cuss words, I'll star(*) them(like in tabloids), though I dont know many...and here I go, I'm saying it,, I said it!)is also going to be starred because I want my entries to be Universal(as in Film Certification 'U'!). (Might sound crazy, but you never know who's going to be reading it.)

    A few after-thoughts:
    6.    I will not chase after thoughts in an obsessive manner.
    Piece of advice: youll have a million beautiful thoughts trust me, not all need to be recorded.
    And as far as writing diseases go,
    You may have Writer's Overflow! (It rhymes!)
    For in the flood, the gems are few,
    Be still and let them come to you!
    (There, you have verse, ta da!
    I'm good at this re! {Back pat, self esteem surge})
    7.    I occasionally might shift to a second person or third person (Dont know when THAT will happen, but happen it might) dont get worried, I'm talking about myself.
    8.     I will not compromise for Quality(Nope,I don't work in Quality Control!) So the following scene isn't allowed:
    ME:I did this today.
    IN MY HEAD: This is getting boring re...At least for the reader.
    ME: What??
    IN MY HEAD: Oh, Nothing at all. You go on...Youre the one whos going to read it and its about you anyway so you wont get bored...
    ME: Right. Dont mention that again...

    Youre going to read it...its true...but youll get bored as well. Reading minutiae about anybodys daily happenings can bore anybody and especially that person since she already knows all of it (Unlike some readers who might not!)
    Hope you said sí! (Spanish for Yes if you didn't know and that was a very geeky PJ of mine for the un-introduced or uninitiated. Get worried, theres going to be more!)


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