Monday, 3 December 2012

The Winter Welcome Wagon!

December...the month of cold winds and warm blankets. And sneakers and socks. And boots and baking. And winter-blues and warm baths!
I've been busy with my final exams and even wrote a poem about it(which I’ll post soon),hence the lack of posts...but I'm back with(out) a bang!
Ooh and something I didn't mention in the previous list: Christmas and cooking!

Speaking of which, here’s a story I dug out from an old children’s storybook. It’s a story I've always loved and is perfect to go with all the cooking going on everywhere (which I'm sorely missing but anyway!)
The story is about Petal, an Elf who has newly moved to Elftown and is from ‘The Elegant Elf’ of the Little Library series by Parragon.

                      The Secret Recipe

Everyone in Elftown agreed that Petal’s restaurant was a great success, and one of the reasons was her extra special blueberry cake. Any elf who was feeling a little tired in the middle of the morning or around teatime simply hurried into the restaurant for a slice of cake. In two minutes he felt better...and ready for another slice!
Many elves asked Petal for the recipe of her special cake, but she would just smile mysteriously and shake her head.
“I was given this recipe by a very wise woman,” she said. “I promised her that I would not tell it to anyone else, unless they knew the secret already!”
That didn't seem to make sense at all. Why would anyone need to ask if they already knew the recipe?
Of all the elves who longed to know what Petal put in her blueberry cake, Old Mother Sedge was the most curious.
“I can taste honey,” she would say, munching a large slice.
“Yes,” said Petal. “It is honey from your own bees, Mother Sedge. Isn't it delicious?”
“And there are blueberries in here”“cried Mother Sedge triumphantly, taking another bite.
“Well, there would be, wouldn't there, in a blueberry cake?” smiled Petal. “Another slice?”
By the end of the week, and several more slices of blueberry cake, Old Mother Sedge had guessed all the ingredients except one. Yes, there was flour and butter and eggs. There were lots of blueberries and at least five dripping spoonfuls of honey. But what was the last ingredient?
“Nuts?” asked the old lady.
“What kind of nuts?” asked Petal in return.
“Hazelnuts? Brazil nuts? Peanuts? Pecans? Walnuts? Almonds? Cashews?” Mother Sedge was thinking so hard her face was as wrinkled as a walnut herself.
“No,” said Petal. There are no nuts in the cake at all.”
“Fruit?” asked Mother Sedge. “Apart from the blueberries?”
“What kind of fruit?”Asked Petal with a mysterious smile.
“Er...apples? Plums? Peaches? Blackberries? Raspberries? Pears? Strawberries? Apricots? Mangoes? Bananas? Nectarines? Pineapples? Prunes? Grapefruit? Oranges? Lemons? Blackcurrants? Redcurrants? White currants? Gooseberries?” Old Mother Sedge stopped to catch her breath.
“No,” laughed Petal. “I can tell you that blueberries are the only kind of fruit in my special cake.”
Poor Mother Sedge! The more she asked the less she knew.

Not exactly the picture I had in mind but it'll do...the boy can be Mother Sedge who's pissed off because Petal(the girl!) won't tell her the recipe!

Then, one morning, the old lady happened to visit Acorn when he was making an apple pudding for his supper.
“At least I know what goes into one of those,” she sighed, and she repeated all the ingredients one by one.
“That’s right,” said Acorn, “but for a really fine apple pudding, you've missed one out, or at least, that’s what my dear old mother used to say, bless her soul.”
“Not you too!” cried Old Mother Sedge. “There are more secret ingredients in Elftown than I've had hot dinners!”
“Not at all, my dear,” said Acorn. “The secret ingredient is the same in all my cooking and I must say it makes a difference. I'm quite sure that you know it as well as I do, but if you like, I’ll whisper it in your ear.”
So Acorn bent down and whispered the secret ingredient, and Old Mother Sedge went quite pink for a moment, before she smiled at her old friend.
“You’re quite right, of course” she said. “My mother used to say the same, and I've never tasted anything to beat her raspberry tarts...except perhaps Petal’s blueberry cake.”
Next time Old Mother Sedge sat down to a slice of Petal’s special creation, she smiled at the younger elf but asked no questions.
“I can see that you have guessed the secret,” laughed Petal. “The wise woman who told it to me was my mother. She said, ‘everything you make will taste better if you put in a little spoonful of love.’ That’s the secret ingredient in all my cooking.”
She was quite right, you know. You should try it sometime.

And to top this off, Here’s a video that’s keeping me from slipping into cold gloom!

P. S. The tune is really hummable and might turn into an earworm if you're not careful. Don’t say I didn't tell you!


  1. Hehe that was a nice little story. Quite fun and I think I've heard a few variations of it but never that one. Good luck with the exams, I'm glad they're so far behind me now. I've not done any baking in ages, but I did do some last year. I made cookies but no one wanted one :( It meant more delicious cookies for me though :D

    1. Lucky Lucky you...about the exams and the cookies as well!
      And don't forget to share this time!:)

  2. The way your blog is set up...the content...the style....the everything...where have you been all my life? <3

  3. Hope your exams are going well :)

    1. They're done...and all went well...barring maybe one...or two.
      For me,its finish and forget with exams and Thank you for the comment!

  4. Finally Finally... I was wondering where has the Thinkeress taken off to? Loved the post.. n the sweet little story.. n may I just add I am suddenly craving for a cake.. Now don't vanish like this again.. keep posting please

    1. I know right...cake cravings!
      Problem about posting often...I'm not as inspired as you girl..but no worries about me going away...I'll probably be here even when Google decides to stop Blogger...I'm addicted to compliments and reading stuff by you!

  5. Okay, bear with me, I have much to say:

    1. I lurrrr-v your blog name.

    2. With regards to your comment on my blog, well, thank you for your understanding (: I'm 'Laila N Mysis' because I went all Voldy style and rearranged the letters of my name - I didn't know how to throw in the N, so I made it a mysterious middle name. If you're wondering why I have an alias, well, basically, I want to keep the real world from my blog. That way I can spill all that I want without hurting anyone, and I can talk about my own deep, dark thoughts without having to burden anyone. (I suppose you could say I'm still burdening the 'followers', but hey, that's voluntary, right?)

    3. Incredibly adorable story! D'aw, it was so cute. I wish I could read it to my little sisters, but I don't think they appreciate that stuff anymore. Anyhow, it reminds me of the Greek word 'meraki'.... which is 'the soul, creativity or love put into something'.

    4. I happen to be a fan of the 'cold gloom' that is Winter. Wish we could trade places. We've only just started on summer and I'm fried.

    I think I too will be hanging around your blog too (:

    1. Yeah...I wish!
      And your hanging around my blog is an extreme pleasure madame...however eww that sounded,I'm happy about it so :))!
      The rest of this I've written in your comment box cuz I'm still wondering whether it's polite and good to say thank you on my blog or on yours!


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