Monday, 31 December 2012

An Everythingly-Incorrect Tata to 2012!

I really didn't start out wanting to make a list-post of what I've been doing this year but this is how it turned out and I'm way too good(read: lazy)to take away from you this work of s****y literature, this  Specimen of nonsense gone wrong.
Aaand Here it is!


1.       Got myself an internet connection (the beginning of it all!)
2.       Found myself a place on the Internet (This blog is my very first adventure in cyberspace; I have no other social-networking experience. I mean it! Explanation here.)
3.       Met this wonderful crowd of people who actually (and shockingly) find my scribbling worth reading! Love you guys!
4.       Said a lot many things I wish I could take back and did a few things I wish I could obliterate from my past (nothing too drastic. All you people with your heads stuck in a saas-bahu saga like gutter, get it out... ‘Control my tongue’ new New-Year resolution)
5.       Got a mature take on a lot of 'adult' matters...Politics, Sex* and the like. The Internet is really no place for the faint hearted, and for kids.
6.       Learnt a lot many English cuss-words and detrimentals and finally understood a few Hindi ones (chutiya means stupid...Can you BELIEVE that??! And to think I wasted a year lecturing college guys about it...shows that they are clueless too!)
7.       Understood that it’s OK to be me. That it’s OK not to be able to come up with a snappy reply to all the ribbing I have to suffer. That not being a size-zero, fair-and-lovelied Miss India does not make me ugly (because for guys it doesn't matter how you look because they’re just after ONE S**t. I do sound drunk...only on New-Yearly cheer guys. No worries. I'm clean.*hiccup*)

This un-politically (or morally I suppose) correct post makes my blog officially out of bounds for my parents...actually it’s nothing very incriminating but somehow I can’t bear the idea of my parents knowing that their daughter actually does think about guys and sex and even has views on them. Like a parent-child relationship is asexual...that makes me sound like a victim of bad parenting or something.
I’s a little confused. All the things I wouldn't (or don’t) say in real life, I say on my blog. In that way, you guys who read me have more power (and knowledge) over me because you know what I'm REALLY thinking...scary thought. Or maybe not. I actually like it!
So the key to knowing someone is to get their blog URL (Tip for arranged-marriages...trick the guy's blog URL out of him and then decide!).
But then in writing even a horrid person can be made to look good (e.g. Her coal black eyes, her nut-brown skin, her ebony hair...when in effing reality it'll be plain old me...see no wonder matrimonial ads are misleading!) And not only physically, but mentally as well.

*Another major realisation:
Sex is so NOT the great thing it’s cut up to be you know, granted all my knowledge comes from books(yep, All of it is from novels(or education books). I'm still porn-clean..yay for good girls!), but there is some truth to them. It’s just a physical expression of’s NOT the moony, sparkly thing it’s made out to be in teen-girl fantasies, NOR is it the hush-hush, too-hot-to-be-handled-by-girls stuff which stoned guys our age(and adults) make it to be.
I'm swimming in dangerous waters now...time to stop. Yeah, I am feeling a leetle bit antagonistic now. Maybe I should shut up and just learn something I can do for my hubby to make up for my obvious flaws. Beating myself up again. Stop.
This post was definitely NOT what I had in mind when I started writing a bye-bye post for 2012.But I'm still going to publish it anyway and hope that none of my sudden and new-found readership runs away. And a heartfelt Thank you for all the comments. You guys have no idea how goofy the grin on my face is every time I see my comment number go one up(yep I'm disgustingly blog-stat greedy!)
But on a serious note, thank you.
And I somehow wanted to show off this new template layout and button gadgets and things to prove I've not been a lazy, do-nothing all this time...didja like it??

I wanted to tell you about Blackmore’s Night. They’re a musical duo with lovely music (and lovelier singer, guys!) and some Yanni favourites but this post would start looking like a YouTube Magazine if I linked all of them here, hence the music player at the bottom. It’s not on auto-play since I realised a lot many people find that irritating but go click the play button!*
And a noteworthy band I couldn't bear you not to listen to: RGM.
Their cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds more specifically (courtesy BrownGirlBloggin...she’ll have you ROFLing in a snap!)

Here’s to a scrumdiddlyumptious New Year and for those of you who are reading this in 2013, Hap Hap Happy New Year to yooou!

Happy Voldemort!Good omen or bad??
*I'm sorry but I got rid of the SCM player I mentioned after I realised it takes people ages to load my blog page.And I don't want people to leave in despair do I??! 
But you'll find the YouTube link to Blackmore's Night here.All their top tracks together and I specially recommend the first three.Have fun! 


  1. First of all,
    Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year. :)

    Most people are Blog-Stat greedy. Look at me. I check my blogger like every 10 minutes. #IKnowIamCrazy :D

    The template is cool and obviously nice. I like it.
    And who said anything you being lazy ?

    The music video is nice. :)

    Anyways, Have Fun & Take Care. :)

  2. A friend recently introduced me to Blackmore's Night, they are utterly beautiful :) Indeed a happy new year to you. It sounds like you've had a pretty good idea. Focus on that last one. Who you are is just fine, and that's just dandy. The blog design looks great too so excellent work :)

    You're right as well that here, you can be and say what you want. Who you feel you really are. You're lucky to have that freedom, my sister knows about my blog. It doesn't stop me too much but there are still some things I wish I could say. I think you're also right about sex. It's not really the major thing people would have you believe it to be. I hope you can remember that when you have kids of your own. I still think the first time should mean something, or at least be with someone you love, because, as you said, it is a physical expression of love. Though some people wouldn't even give it that much credit.

  3. XD I love the new layout. c:
    It's so amazing ^_^

    Oh, and I had fun reading the post ^_^
    Happy New Year c:

  4. @ Ajay, It is definitely a comfort knowing I have company in la la land!And thank you!:)
    @ Mark, You're the person who introduced me to Blackmore's Night,A beeg thank you to you.They're my latest musical obsession!
    And yeah,I'm not saying sex has no value.It definitely is special.But I kinda felt let-down after all these years of thinking it to be this Huge and Terrible experience!:)
    @ Shriti, Thank you so much girl!And not only for letting me steal your SCM player!:)

  5. Voldemort belly-dances like me o.o I need new moves.

    Your new blog look is so incredibly lovely, and your post here is so incredibly spontaneous... I donno how to address all the random tangents. Yes, my blog is so not for my parents, and its completely clean. It's that power thing you say - it's so easy to unload your deepest, darkest thoughts on strangers, but giving it to people in real life allows them to use it against you. So yeah. My parents aren't allowed here. That being said, my mother doesn't understand the concept of a blog anyway.

    And I'm not quite ready to talk about intimate things grown ups do together in beds ='_'= It's not that I don't know, I just don't like thinking about it.

    Stay happy ^^

  6. Your background is adorable!

    Happy new year :)

  7. Nice work on the blog- looking really nice- honest writing and you couldn't be more right about the parents thing - it is a tricky business making our stuff off bounds to em .. innnit?

    p.s. DON'T feel stupid about the stats thing -

    I practically have an orgasm every time I see my stats go higher!

  8. @ LnM, You did address all the tangents after all!
    I hate even saying 'sex' if it comes up in real life(was a big problem during speeches and special education class!) but this blog makes me bold...anonymity reassures I suppose!Thanks.:))
    @ Ghadeer, Thanks girl!I'm worried about my blog looking like a 5-year old's colouring book which it is in terms of content but anyway!:)
    @ Stu, Definitely tricky it is,I have this gut feeling that they're somehow going to read this in the near future...I should be scared.Oh well.:)
    And about the blog-stat thingy, I didn't know there were others in the club because I'm a little extreme in my obsessions!*Group hug*:)

  9. Omg. I love your blog. :') I have never seen this kind of background and stuff. :D

    Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true :')

    1. Thanks so much girl!
      Stay happy!:)


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