Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What 2013 Taught Me

So I've been AWOL for a while.And while haven't been doing any actual blogging,I have definitely been talking about it...'tis one of the only impressive-sounding things in a  thoroughly-average, lazy bookworm's life.Makes people think you're into web-design and things when in fact,your Diploma in Engineering is worth exactly puddlenuts.  

Anyway, 2013 has been a fun ride and this is what I've learnt!

Trying to learn integration and differentiation in one night is bad idea.Might as well not bother studying at all.

A blog is probably one of the only things you can boast about, that won't embarrass you.Until someone actually reads it.

Don't begin watching The Big Bang Theory unless you intend to finish the series.And the bloopers,and  the filming episodes and the Comic Con panels.That said, everyone should watch it.Give up your Christmas break.You won't be sorry.This.

SpongeBob I can't wait!
Yep.Arms and all.

If you live in India and speak English you should join Teach India.People who actually want your advice about their English,free food during training at a fancy hotel, and a British Council certificate.
What more does a persnickety convent-school grammar-granny want?!

Using ghee when one runs out of butter to make chocolate is a bad idea.Unless you don't mind chocolate-flavored mysore pak. Blech. And I still ate it.

Chocolate cake mountain.Who wouldn't?!
That's what I felt like.Till I remembered that I made it myself.

Don't ever step out of the house with friends thinking its only till the shop downstairs to say bye.It never is.always dress like people are watching you. That's how one ends up at the railway station in a brown nightdress and fishbone-flipflops with a deranged grin on one's face.
Also,Don't wear (unintentionally) torn-jeans thinking no one will notice.They do.

Google Keep is a bad idea.So is Google+.The first because, you will probably end up losing all those hard-to-come-by smart aleck replies you think of after arguments and the second because all your imaginary stalkers need only type in your name in Google to see your grinning face.That said,all hail Mother Google.
Seriously,Do not use Google Keep.Not unless you want to end up like this:

No cat
Thus proved.Cats are always cute.Unlike human beings like yours truly.

YouTube is fun.A lot of fun.

Click clickety click

Stuff I'm looking forward to:

Buzzfeed India
Hai rabba!

Posting on a schedule is going to get difficult(*snort snort*)so I'm thinking of joining Twitter, The Twitteress anyone?!
140-character prospects! 

I've decided a twice-a-month schedule and thinking of joining IndiBlogger...I could use some peer-pressure.
And maybe a blog-makeover.The possibilities are endless!

Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy!

And I hope you have a fantastic New Year!



  1. Oh wow hey, you're still alive! You should be posting more often and you know it. How's that fir a new year's resolution eh? Happy new year, have a wonderful 2014!

    1. Heya Fang, good to see you!
      Even on a screen.That does sound weird.
      I've been trying to catch up with everyone's writing.One step at a time.
      An overflowing reader is not a pretty sight.You'll see me around.

  2. YAY! I love your posts. You're too funny x) I love what you learned about blogs. Yes. I completely agree :P

    I don't want to pressure you, because I don't want you to like force yourself to come up with some kind of genius but then it comes out wrong, but PLEASE WRITE MORE. DON'T DITCH US FOR TWITTER. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

    Wishing you all the best for this year :) Hope you learn more wise, funny things ^_^

    1. There is no conceivable way I'm ever leaving Blogger for good,it's so much fun and I love you guys too much and one of the only things I can say I'm doing other than being a lazy bookpotato...Twitter was a side option.Someplace to post all my one-liners and put up more of my personal life on the internet...But then I haven't decided if I want it under my pseudonym or no...Tell me what you think!
      And I do hope too...Here's to that!

  3. hhahahahaha chocolate flavoured MYSORE PAK......UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    May you have an uber 2014!!!!!
    kick some butts!

    1. Butts obviously.
      And that was a totally unexpected pun.SCORE!
      2014 is getting awesome already.
      Even though I regret the mysore pak.
      And may you have a super phatang 2014 too!

  4. Yeah, don't ditch us! You've hardly written anything recently!

    1. I won't.Ever.Promise.
      And my browser didn't say anything when I didn't put an apostrophe in wont.
      I've been writing a lot.But not really what I'd call blog posts.I still haven't got to that stage where I just post random nonsense just so I post something.
      But I will.
      Thanks a million for the encouragement and not giving up-ing G.
      You're a star!

  5. Good luck for 2014 and I hope you'll be able to post more often. I'm also trying to make a point to blog more but seeing as I'm in my final year of school this may prove to be difficult.
    Alas, we busy bodies must try.


    1. We must.
      I've been looking for your blog in my reader till I just realized that you'd changed it.
      You'll see me around.

  6. Firstly I came here seeing you on both Ajay and IQ's blogs, and secondly I am glad I did. I think I decided that I like you from reading your blog title and description itself, so woohoo...You have a new stalker!

    Yes for Twitter!! I put my vote for The Twitteress!

    Happy New Year!

    1. High-five girlie!
      It's good to see ya here...The Twitteress soon.

  7. I saw your blog mentioned on ajay's blog.. I have come across your blog before coz I remember reading your previous post.. :) keep writing.. you are too good..
    Happy new year to you :) :)
    please do twitter.. :) :)

    1. Welcome to the fold my dear!
      Thanks for the encouragement,heaven knows I need it.
      And yeah,Happy New Year to you!

  8. Almost nearing the end of January!! Nudge nudge. :D


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